Hydraulic brake and clutch cylinder manufacturer

We are located in Ningbo, China, we are manufacturer of high quality hydraulic brake and clutch cylinder.

Yuyao Beta Auto Parts Co., Ltd is a professional brake cylinder and clutch cylinder manufacturer, who boasts its independent capability of design, production and sale of Hydraulic brake master cylinder, Hydraulic brake wheel cylinder, Hydraulic clutch master cylinder, Hydraulic clutch slave cylinder, Concentric slave cylinder and Hydraulic proportional valve, etc . 

Our products used for heavy-truck vehicle, light-truck vehicle, passenger car, mini type vehicle, forklift, engineering vehicle, tricycle and agricultural machinery vehicle etc. In particular, the brake and clutch cylinder used for TRACTOR and AGRICULTURAL machinery are the focus of our development. now we have more than 100 items used for tractor and agricultural machinery.

Brake Master Cylinders for Cars & Tractor

Keeping yourself safe behind the wheel is your top priority. When you press the pedal, you need to know that your brakes deliver dependable performance. Buy a quality master cylinder brake system for your car or truck from NbbetaBrake, the top parts retailer in America.

There are very few brake problems with subtle symptoms. Symptoms of a failing master cylinder include a spongy or unresponsive brake pedal. The worst part is that it sinks completely to the ground. The rubber seals on your master cylinder can break if your brake fluid becomes tainted. This causes the fluid to lose its ability to hold pressure. While driving, you may also feel your brakes dragging or sticking. Faulty master cylinders can also leak brake fluid. The check engine light is a major telltale symptom. You need to replace the master cylinder as soon as possible if you have any of these characteristics. You and your passengers are at risk if you delay any longer.

Replacement Clutch Master Cylinders for Car & Tractor

When clutch master cylinders wear out, they can cause abnormal pedal behavior in vehicles with manual transmissions, such as spongy clutch pedals. Shifts become rough, and the vehicle can even behave as if it were in neutral due to these problems. This in turn reduces the overall drivability of the vehicle.

Replace your clutch master cylinder with a new one from NbbetaBrake to solve clutch pedal shifting issues. If the cylinder does not function properly, disengaging the clutch can be difficult, even when the pedal is fully depressed. With new cylinders from reliable brands like Duralast, URO, and Valeo, your manual transmission will shift smoothly.

Spongy clutch pedals aren't worth it. Now is the time to take control of your manual transmission. Replacement clutch master cylinders are available at NbbetaBrake. You can depend on us for parts manufactured specifically for your vehicle that are as good or better than those from the original manufacturer.