Concentric Slave Cylinder

Concentric Slave Cylinder 

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Concentric Slave Cylinder

CSC has the function of clutch release cylinder and release bearing.

The CSC clutch system has the following advantages:

Reduce the amount of force that needs to be applied to the pedal

Disconnecting the clutch should be made easier by reducing the stroke weight

Ensure that quality is not degraded due to an increase in friction coefficient

Reduce the number of components by merging them together (reducing the number of components)

The features of

CSC has a lower loss stroke in CMC when compared to other products manufactured by AISIN. It is possible to control a clutch with a weaker pedal power by applying a clutch pedal

In our product range, we offer both push and pull type Concentric Slave Cylinders.

With the push type slave cylinders, the slave clutches may be used with most of the push type racing clutches that are available. The Concentric Slave Cylinders are lightweight, hydraulically self-contained units that mount either on the transmission casing or on the back of the engine and operate the clutch directly from the clutch lever.

In general, the CSC is mounted inside the gearbox bell-housing, and in addition to its metal or thermoplastic shell, there are intricate rubber seals and chambers within it. In the event that a clutch needs to be replaced, it is imperative that the CSC should also be replaced at the same time. After a number of clutch actuations, the rubber seals become brittle and the position of the CSC changes, indicating that the worn internal components have become misaligned, causing the clutch to fail. 

In order to avoid hydraulic fluid loss from CSCs, rubber seals within them must be of the highest quality in order to ensure that there will be no fluid loss. If fluid is allowed to pass through the seals, it will contaminate the friction material on the disc, resulting in a failure of the clutch. It is important not to compress the CSC before it is fitted because it will result in damage to the rubber seals because they are not fully lubricated before fitting.

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